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1-2-1 yoga

Find your flow on the mat so you can find your flow in life

all shapes, sizes, faiths, star signs and yoga abilities are welcome.

I teach yoga in a fun, pure and joyful manner and offer a wide variety of classes to meet your needs and goals. Whether you are a yoga newbie, an athlete, a practiced yogi or looking to improve your overall well-being and achieve a better quality of life there should be something here for you.

Yoga means to unite through the use of asanas (poses) and the breath to unite body and mind and harness energy (prana) along the way. Our yoga is non competitive and non judgemental.

Your Time.  Your Place.  Your Space.

Making yoga accessible to you, tailored for your needs, goals and body.
We all have something unique to add to the world, but we can’t do that sustainably if we don’t look after ourselves.

Making the time to focus on our health and wellbeing allows us to become stronger, happier and better equipped to help everyone around us. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Yoga is all about creating balance and building a strong connection between your mind and body while developing both strength and flexibility and can even improve health and wellbeing.

This form of exercise can be fantastic for people of all ages, shapes and abilities.
Yoga means to unite through the use of asanas (poses) and the breath to unite body and mind and harness energy (prana) along the way. Our yoga is non competitive and non judgemental.

Benefits of yoga:
Increased energy
Improved sleep
Build body awareness
Increase mind-body connection
Build strength & flexibility
Tone body
Improve respiration & cardio health
Improve athletic performance & focus
Better digestion

Improved relationship with inner world
Increased intuition
Weight loss
Greater ability to handle stress
Enhanced mood
Sharper focus
Improved posture & balance
Improved immune system
Soothes nervous system

private 1-2-1 classes

Private Yoga Classes are available for Individuals or Groups. All levels can be effectively catered for with classes as dynamic or restorative as you need.

One to one yoga classes are a great way to get a tailored experience to meet your individual needs and address specific areas of focus, injuries or aspects to focus on whether it’s creating more space, flexibility, strength or awareness in the body.

Sessions are constructed for the individual/s in a dynamic, interactive format to help you get the most out of your practice and provide depth. Arranged to suit your availability sessions can be with just you, couples or friends.

Let’s work together so that you can enjoy the benefits with no judgement and no dogma.
My aim is to hold the door open to those who feel they don’t belong in the world of yoga because they aren’t the ‘bendy’ type.

– I encourage everyone to adapt yoga for their bodies, not the other way around.
– I don’t try to be a model for my students; I am a facilitator and guide.
– I admit to my limitations and remind students that it’s the journey, not the destination that counts.
– I aim to teach yoga that helps us reconnect and be kinder to ourselves so we can be kinder to others and I stay away from regimented practices.
– I strive to teach classes that are accessible to a range of abilities and backgrounds and suit you and your body each day.

Choose the style of class you'd like

Vinyasa Flow

Your traditional yoga class without any gadgets or gimics. Just 60 minutes of pure yoga including sun salutations, balancing, back bends, twists and much more. With equal measures of strength, stretch and relaxation.

Flow to the beat

Hear the music and feel the beat. An energetic vinyasa flow combining the rhythmic movements of yoga with the beat of the music. Get in the groove and move your body to some killer beats in this dynamic, uplifting, energizing and fun class.

Slow Flow

Vinyaya slow flow yoga, a nourishing class at a slower, more relaxing pace. By connecting the breath to the movement to gently connect the mind, body and spirit offering a meditative practice and releasing tension in the body whilst soothing the nervous system.