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what’s my dosha?

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what’s my dosha?

Take this fun quiz and check mark the answers that apply to you. If two points for the same category apply you can check mark both. Add the totals for each dosha of Vata, Pitta, Kapha at the end to find out your Dosha type.

You might have a single dominant Dosha, be a combination of two (bi-doshic) or have all three Doshas equally balanced (tri-doshic).





Build & frame

slender, slim, lean frame

medium, muscular, symetrical

large, heavy frame

Body weight

lose weight easily & hard to gain

stable constant weight

easily gains weight & hard to lose

Muscle build

difficult to develop muscle

develops muscles easily

curvaceous round body


dry, cool, thin, tans easily

warm, rosy, freckles, acne prone, burns & sweats easily

oily, thick, smooth, clear, high perspiration


dry, curly/kinky, dark, coarse

fine, straight, light or reddish, early grey

thick, oily, soft, lustrous


Oval, angular/thin

heart shaped, well defined jaw line

round, full


Small, sharp, sparse lashes, darting

medium, intense, steady gaze, reddish when angry or alcohol intake

long lashes, large, big, bright


Irregular digestion, sensitive stomach

steady, strong digetion

slow, heavy, feel sleepy after eating


variable, irregular, anxious when hungry

strong, steady, angry when hungry

steady, regular, can miss meals no problem, emotional eater



high, strong

minimal, steady


cold often, cold hands & feet

warm extremities, warm often

not fond of cold or damp environements

Preferred climate

warm & humid

cold and dry

warm and dry


sensitive to cold, dislike wind, prefer sun

prefers cool & shade, burns easy, sensitive to heat

dislikes humidity, prefers warm and dry


bursts of energy, tires quickly


steady and high

Action & activity

fast & very active, great multi-tasker, spontaneous

moderate & competitive, planned & precise, organised

lethargic and slow, steady, can’t multitask

Nature/ Temperament

anxious, insecure, unpredictable, nervous, creative, excitable, indecisive, enthusiastic, changeable

irritable, jealous, judgemental, critical, angry, intelligent, powerful, focused, short tempered, competitive, workaholic, ambitious, passionate, emotional

calm, quiet, loving, patient, loyal, steady emotions, relaxed, nurturing, slow to act, lethargic, unresponsive, disengaged


great short term memory but quick to forget

medium & sharp, accurate

slow to grasp but never forgets

Achieving goals

easily distracted & interrupted

focused and driven

slow and steady


changes quickly

intense emotions

level and steady

This phrase best fits me

jack of all trades, master of none

it’s my way or the highway

i’d rather save my energy

Add up each column and total the scores for Vata, Pitta & Kapha to see which doshas you are dominant in.

that’s your dosha!


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