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The importance of sleep

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Sleep. It’s a beautiful thing…when we get enough of it. We all know that sleep is SO important to our overall wellbeing, so why are so many of us not getting enough of it?

Perhaps creating a nightly routine will help…

Sleep is essential for maintaining good mental and physical health, just as breathing, eating and drinking are. It’s where every part of your being rests and repairs itself and conducts essential cleansing, rebalancing, regenerating and healing.

We’ve all had days where we’ve had an awful nights sleep or haven’t slept at all and the next day we have experienced brain fog or feel mentally drained, our productivity levels drop, we become more irritable, reactions slow and we start reaching for food and drinks to try and give us more energy quickly! So let’s see if we can add some simple things into our lifestyle to help…

Tip 1: Keep Your Caffeine Kick For First Thing In The Morning

Most of us love a sup of coffee, not just first thing in the morning but as an afternoon pick me up and as a social setting catching up with friends, a work meeting and for some us even after dinner! But, did you know it take up to 6 hours for caffeine to completely leave your system? That means if you don’t stick to coffee just in the morning you’re likely to still be feeling the effects of it at bedtime when you’re trying to switch off and wondering why you can’t.

Quality AND Quantity

The quality of your sleep and the quantity of your sleep are both so important. No matter what you may think surviving on 3-4 hours of sleep a night simply isn’t enough, you might be able to function or have gotten used to it but it’s impacting your health and wellbeing whether you like it or not.

Are you Scrolling instead of Snoring?

One of the biggest mistakes most of us probably make is not disconnecting from technology before we head to bed. It’s recommended that for at least an hour before you’re going to bed completely switch off from technology, get off social media, no more answering emails and allow your system to start to rest and relax without staring at a screen. Also be mindful of checking your phone not only before bed but also if you wake up during the night, it’s a sure way to keep you awake. Phones and laptops are very stimulating and make us feel more alert and energised.

 A Routine You Could Try

1. Set The Tone
Create a calming atmosphere before you’re ready to head to bed. You could try a diffuser oil, scented candles or low lighting or even a sleep oil blend body roller.

2. Put Your Phone Away
Set your alarm and switch your phone to silent. Nothing important needs your attention before bed and limiting screen time can also help you to fall asleep quicker, why not read a book instead?

3. Listen To Music
Pop on some relaxation, spa or meditation music for 20 minutes or so while you’re settling into bed and focus on your breathing. Try to start emptying your mind and unwind.


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