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Holy ****, can I swear?!

” Holy ****, can I swear?! I can’t believe the difference your sessions have made to how I feel, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. I’ve been struggling for months with brain fog and unable to think clearly since starting the menopause and my body and muscles changing. I can think clearly again and the fog I’ve been trying to ‘do life’ through has lifted, you are a gem! ” Annie – Feb 2023

A therapist that truly cares like you  is a very rare find

” All I can say is thank you, Gabby. I was so nervous and worried before coming to see you as I’m recovering from PTSD/CPTSD and I knew I needed to find the right therapist who would help my process and not add to my overwhelm and load. Thank God I found you, I feel truly blessed and I cannot tell you the difference your sessions are making to my healing. You immediately started to calm and relax me with your warmth and openness, always checking in make sure I was OK and adapting the session for me wherever possible. A therapist that truly cares like you  is a very rare find.” Jessie – Feb 2023

The type to therapist that’ll be hard to come by 

I want to say a massive thank you!! I am so glad I found you to help with my 90yr old back, haha! you have helped restore me!! I have had many massages over the years but no one has even come close to the level of attention you pay each and every visit. I will miss you a great deal! The type of therapist that’ll be hard to come by in the States 🙁 ” Francesca – March 2023

Instantly put me at ease

“I’ve never felt so comfortable with anyone so quickly, Gabby’s nature instantly put me at ease and I started to relax, open up and share my inner most challenges as soon as I arrived (something I never thought i’d do). By the end of the session I felt lighter, had more clarity mentally and physically felt incredible. I cannot tell you enough how special this therapist is and how born she was to work with people and to help them.” Sammie – March 2023

Life changing!
I had a reset massage and can honestly say it is life-changing. I’ve had anxiety for some years and sometimes find it hard to be out and about, as I can easily feel overwhelmed.
Not only was the reset massage relaxing and soothing, I have done things I’ve not been able to do in years because I feel less anxious. I also feel more confident in my own body – something I never thought massage would give me.
My friends and family have all been astonished at the change – something so simple has had such a powerful effect.
I truly cannot recommend Gabriella highly enough.

The best massage I’ve ever had!

I signed up for Gabby’s Reset Program and after just the first session with her I can safely say it was without doubt the best massage I have ever had. Her ability to instinctively know what I needed was amazing – Emily, Jan 2022

An hour after, my aches had gone!

My first visit to Gabriella was a week ago for a reflexology treatment. My neck and shoulders had been aching all week. An hour after her healing hands had finished, my aches were gone! I have already returned for another session and now look forward to getting a Swedish massage for my next treatment.– Jeanette, Sept 2017

Deep tissue massage: Genius!

“I’ve been to see a LOT of massage therapists over the years for ongoing back problems and headaches and Gabriella is a genius! I’ve stopped popping pain relief pills every day and the headaches have stopped. Thank you so much. Duncan, 2018

Deep tissue massage: worth every penny!

With a highly stressful job and fast paced life Gabriella has helped me hugely! I see her once a month and the difference it has made to my quality of life and sleep is worth every penny! Emma, 2018

Deep Tissue & Hot Stone Massage: Pain free

I’ve been suffering from neck, shoulder & arm pain for the past year. I have seen chiropractors, osteopaths & other therapists to try and help the problem but nothing seemed to ease the muscles or pain. After 1 session with Gabriella I was pain free for an entire week and the muscles are now starting to relax and ease in my problem areas. Fantastic! – Sam, October 2014

Reiki : First deep sleep all week 

“I went to see Gabriella for reiki after experiencing a week of major stress. After writing off my car and encountering a variety of personal problems, I walked into her comfortable treatment room and took a massive sigh.

Gabriella has a relaxing aura about her and as I lay on the bed I instantly felt more chilled. I closed my eyes and zoned out, I could feel the heat from her hands and felt very calm and sleepy. I left in a dreamy state and fell asleep as soon as I got home. It was the first deep sleep I’d had all week.” – Victoria MacFarlaine, Bucks Free Press Editor.

By far the best

” I have had massages all over the world and Gabriella is by far the best massage therapist I have come across. I would highly recommend her!”

Swedish Massage : Very relaxing

“My Swedish Massage was sooo relaxing. I had the best massage I’ve ever had, and your treatment room is lovely! Thank you. ” – Andrew, May 2013

Relaxation Massage: Fantastic massage
“Thank you so much for my fantastic massage on Tuesday. I have been feeling very calm and relaxed this week. ” – Beth, March 2014

Sports Massage: Best massage I’ve ever had!

” I’ve been having various styles of massage for the past 20 years and that was without a doubt the BEST massage I’ve ever had! ” – Paul, April 2014.

 Reiki: Wonderfully relaxing Reiki session.

“Thank you so much for my wonderfully relaxing Reiki session last week. You have a very calm energy which made me instantly comfortable at the start of the session.

As it progressed I felt a variety of sensations..a “tickling warmth” if you like which left me relaxed but intrigued to learn about Reiki.  Thank you and I hope to see you again soon. ” – Heena, June 2013

Reflexology: I loved my Reflexology session

” I was amazed to feel so completely relaxed after my Reflexology session. After just having my feet worked on I feel as though I have had a full body massage! ” – Karen, May 2014.

Reiki: An amazing feeling

” The Reiki treatment went really well, it was an amazing feeling that i have never felt before. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you both for the treatments I have received, I am feeling so much lighter and happy. ” – B, May 2014

Reiki Training & Course Testimonials

I absolutely loved it!

“Natalie & Gabby are both incredibly knowledgeable and talented Masters. I really enjoyed their course and teaching methods, a very relaxed and informal atmosphere, I couldn’t have wished for better. I am really impressed and would whole heartedly recommend this course to anyone interested in doing a Reiki course. ” It was a very insightful and thought provoking, I absolutely loved it. Thank you for making it such an amazing day. I am really looking forward to putting what I have learnt into practice and continuing to the next stage of my spiritual journey” – Sandy 2016.

I left feeling like a more enriched version of myself.

“I recently attended a Reiki I course with Natalie and Gabriella and can honestly say the whole day was an absolute pleasure and I learned so much in such a short space of time I left feeling like a more enriched version of my former self. I went in not knowing what to expect or where it would take me and I left thoroughly engaged in the ethos and power of Reiki and have been using it every day since. I am now very much looking forward to returning to complete my Reiki II with Natalie and Gabriella; a unique and very special mother daughter duo and I couldn’t recommend them enough to anyone.” – Aimee, 2016.

Truly amazing!

” I really am on a ‘high’ since the course and I feel so much happier and enthusiastic again, even my friends and family have noticed!!

I absolutely loved both days and there is something very ‘special’ about being in your home that makes everything so easy to relax and open up and be ‘yourself’. We had a fabulous group and I couldn’t have wished for a better outcome.

I am enjoying practicing Reiki and shall continue to do so, my cat is so chilled out (like a ‘Winston’)’ My sister also had a session yesterday and completely relaxed.You are both wonderful teachers and funny and human (with wicked senses of humour) and I have enjoyed laughing, giggling, chatting (a few tears) and being able to just be ‘me’ with other like minded souls.

You two really touch people’s lives and hearts in a way that cannot be expressed in words, so ‘thank you’ for being you and for caring about the all of us and the universe in the way that you do!! It’s truly amazing! ” – Mel, May 2013.

All of the chaos and noise of life has gone

“Amazing transition – from walking in on day 1 to leaving on day 2, all the chaos and noise of life has gone.”

Exceeded my expectations

“I started the course with minimal knowledge, but the knowledge shared with me over the two days has exceeded my expectations and opened new doorways. ”

An amazing experience

“An amazing experience, excellent training from ‘real’ people who actively encourage questions and give very informative answers. After arriving on day 1 and leaving on day 2, I have a real sense of positive energy and awakening. I feel really switched on and ready for whatever lies ahead. ” – Claire, 2012

 An enjoyable experience!

“I couldn’t have found a better teacher to learn from. Natalie is a knowledgeable teacher full of humour, honest & straight forward. The qualities I like in a person! They are so willing to help you and answer all your questions. Looking forward to doing more courses with you! Thanks for making my learning an enjoyable experience. ” Sharan, 2012

Tailored to us

“Extremely effective, I felt it was tailored to us, I have gained a good understanding now with everything that was lacking in my Reiki I training with another teacher.”

Gained lots of knowledge

“I have gained lots of knowledge that I did not previously have, not just about Reiki but about all kinds of things to do with healing  and the holistic world.”

Lovely warmth in the energy

” I could really feel the lovely warmth in the energy, very calming & relaxing. Thank you”

Fantastic training

“The training was FANTASTIC – I just loved the way Natalie & Gabby taught us, their charisma & honesty is fab, as well as their ‘go with the flow’ nature. Thank you so much. ” Raj, 2012

Reiki came alive for me over the two days

“You made the course interesting and easy to understand and very spiritual.  And it was paced exactly right. Thank you for welcoming me into your home in such a warm way.  I really feel Reiki came alive for me over the past two days, thanks to you both and your knowledge and patience.”

So inspiring

“Thank you so much for Reiki 1 course, I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. You are both beautiful people and Natalie, you are so inspiring.”

You filled in the gaps in my knowledge

“I found the Reiki level 2 training extremely helpful, things I had trouble with before I am much better with now. You filled in the gaps in my knowledge.”

10 out of 10!

“10 out of 10! Gabriella & Natalie were both so lovely and welcoming and made me feel at ease. I gained all the knowledge I could have hoped for in Reiki and so much more with Natalie’s vast knowledge of healing & holistics. ”

I would recommend this course!

“Natalie & Gabby are both excellent Masters and I really enjoyed their course and teaching methods. They were so lovely and accommodating. I am really impressed and would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in doing a Reiki course. ” Preeti, 2012