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strength and challenges of being an empath

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Possible challenges or side effects:

  • You may go into overwhelm often and quickly
  • feelings of exhaustion
  • The need for alone time to recharge
  • Sensitivity to light, smell or noise
  • An aversion to large groups
  • You may take longer to ‘wind down’ and relax/rebalance again
  • Easily becoming over stimulated 
  • Absorbing stress & negativity of others (this could be emotionally or physical pain)
  • As you feel things intensely (you may also be unable to watch horror movies or violence etc)
  • Having emotional & social hangovers when you’re with a large group of people for too long
  • Feeling isolated or lonely 
  • Low self esteem
  • Struggle with poor boundaries

Awesome skills and strengths of an empath

– Compassion – The ability to feel the emotions of others gives us an amazing ability to be truly honestly and authentically compassionate towards others. This enables us to have a greater ability to create truer, deeper and more heart centred relationships that are authentic. 

Other Advantages :

– Highly intuitive
– Highly perceptive
– High levels of awareness
– Ability to read people very well
– Human lie detectors
– Very rich inner world
– Strong desire to help others
– Huge hearts & compassionate
– Highly passionate, deep & creative
– Ability to enjoy, sense & experience the world and nature on a deeper level


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