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Seratonin – Is massage the answer to insomnia and trouble sleeping?

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We’ve all had periods of time where we struggle to get to sleep no matter how tired we are, right? Those endless nights where we wake up in the middle of the night and lay awake for hours, watching the clock tick by and worrying about how we’re going to get through the next day without sleep.

Insomnia is a very common sleep problem if it’s chronic it’s most nights for more than 6 months and it takes a huge toll on our energy levels, health, ability to think properly and focus, productivity and overall mood.

So what are some of things recommended to help with insomnia if you’re suffering. Many of them suggestions for changing little things in your life-style and daily habit like not watching tv in bed, having zero screen time for at least 60 mins before you try to sleep, having a set bedtime and wake time that you stick to, avoiding excessive alcohol and limiting caffeine intake, gentle stretching or developing a relaxing bedtime routine that works for you.

But what about massage? Serotonin is a naturally occuring hormone in our bodies which plays a key role in our mood, appetite, sleep, body temperature and physical coordination. Massage helps to increase your seratonin levels.

Additionally, serotonin levels affect the levels of melatonin your body produces at night and melatonin is what makes you fall asleep!


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