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sacral chakra explained

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sacral chakra explained

Here’s our top guide to the seven major chakra’s and everything you need to know about them. Today we’ll focus on the sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra also known as Swadhisthana is the second chakra and is associated with our creativity and sensuality and reproductive organs and is located below the navel and above the pubic bone. This is where our passions and pleasures are housed and informs how we relate to our emotions and the emotions of others.

When this chakra is aligned and balanced you will likely feel passionate, friendly, abundant and in joy. If you’re feeling uninspired, lacking in creativity or sexual dysfunction then there may be an imbalance in this area

Mantra: VAM

Colour: Orange

Key characteristics: Creativity, sensuality, pleasure, expression, relating

Signs of imbalance: sexual dysfunction, fear of change, depression, low libido, addiction, emotional rollercoaster, feel a lack of control, detachment, poor boundaries, lower back pain, low energy, PMS, hip issues, reproductive organ issues, sexual problems, dependency and codependency.

Signs of balance: passion, abundant, friendly, love life, joy, creative, motivated, in touch with sexuality

Physical/body links: reproductive organs, lower back, abdominals, emotions, sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, creativity, empathy, intimacy

Element associated: Water

Developmental stage: 8 – 14 years old

Yoga poses: bridge pose, pigeon pose, lizard pose, goddess pose, warrior 2, cow face pose, reclining bound angle pose, trikonasana, dancer pose

Crystals: Tigers eye, sunstone, fire opal, carnelian

Essential oils: patchouli, ylang-ylang, bergamot, sandalwood, clary sage, jasmine, orange and rose.


I always honour others but not before myself

I attract people who treat me with respect

I enjoy pleasure in all areas of my life

My emotions are free flowing and balanced

I am a creative being

It is my birthright to receive pleasure

Sex is a sacred connection

I allow my creativity to flow through me freely

I choose to feel joy and excitement often

I feel safe enjoying sex


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