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Reiki Training Courses

Our aim is to make all of our courses fun, educational and transformational at any level, whether you have experience within the therapy and healing world or you’re a beginner and wish to broaden your understanding of healing.

This is an opportunity for you to advance your understanding around energy, healing and consciousness. Each course empowers you, taking you to a deeper sense of presence, confidence, healing and therapy ability.

If you’re committed to your own personal development and growth and have a passion or interest in energy based approaches to well-being, our courses could be perfect for you.

Our days not only greatly enhance your own life but also enable you to become competent and effective healers to help others.

0ur approach

The first thing people notice after attending our course is how diffferent they feel

With our combined 30+years of experience working professionally as healers we draw upon our experience and knowledge of the best ways to practice in the most effective ways. Natalie & Gabriella Lewis are both Reiki Masters and this mother & daughter duo create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

We intend to make all our courses straightforward, comprehensive, professional and fun.

Our courses are designed to give you the best foundation and knowledge to become the most effective healer possible so that you can practice safely and effectively.

Our groups are always designed to ensure that you get the best training possible. We teach you how to conduct a professional and enjoyable treatment whilst keeping yourself and your clients well-being as paramount.

Whatever your reasons for taking a Reiki course it is often said to be an experience that changes and enhances your life forever. There really is nothing quite so amazing as learning Reiki.

courses we offer

The sooner you get started on your Reiki journey with us the sooner you’ll expand your horizons

energy is everything and everything is energy

When you are committed to your own healing and growth, you can act as the best guiding light to help others.

Start or continue your healing journey with one of our courses and navigate your way to a healthy, successful inner life and practice as a healing therapy practitioner.

Tap into your undiscovered power to break free from habits, thought patterns and old energy causes limitation. With the right tools of transformation, we can empower ourselves and others to face life’s challenges and free ourselves to live in accordance with our deepest, truest self.

our reiki courses are:

friendly trainers

mother & daughter team

2 x reiki masters

35 yrs healing experience

why choose us?

Some of our most recent students have already told us how much their lives have improved

We teach traditional Usui Reiki from Japanese lineage to encompass the best and most effective Reiki training available while staying as true as possible to the methods and essense of Mikao Usui’s teaching.

  • 2 x Reiki Masters
  • Short Reiki Lineage (path that Reiki has been passed down)
  • Reiki Manuals have been kept as authentic & pure as possible
  • Traditional Reiki Attunements

Our Reiki Level 1 and level 2 courses prepares you for both professional practice and personal use of Reiki. Our Reiki Level 3 Master Teacher course helps you to further develop your understanding and gives you everything you need to teach Reiki professionally.

We teach Reiki courses 1-2-1 for individuals and groups to ensure all students get the best possible training based on their personal needs within the theory and practical hands on experience. Refresher courses are also available if you have previously completed a course elsewhere and would like to clarify or fill in any gaps you might have in your understanding.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience of Reiki, healing & spiritual elements as both Reiki teachers and Reiki practitioners, which we pass on to our students through our Reiki courses.

All our Reiki courses include on-going support for any questions or queries that you may have after your training.

Step into a life you’ll love
Start a new career
Find your life purpose
Help yourself
Help others
Expand your horizons
Personal development
Take control of the driving seat
Using Reiki Professionally
For family & loved ones
Distant healing

Our proven track record of delivering great training we believe is down to our rare 2 x trainer ratio combined with our love and passion for helping and teaching people.

usui reiki

When you begin to realise the power of Reiki, you’ll be glad you learnt it.

The traditional Usui Reiki system gives everyone the ability to become a powerful healer. Because of this we have cut out the clutter to give you the information in a simple, clear and concise way so that you get the best training possible.

There is no special ability or prior training required to become an effective Reiki healer. As with everything in life, some have more of a natural ability than others however everyone can learn how to channel Reiki energy effectively.

When asked if anyone can learn the art of Reiki, the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui replied “Of course, a man, woman, young or old, people with knowledge or without knowledge, anybody who has a common sense can receive the power accurately in a short time and can heal selves and others.”

Reiki is a wonderful healing system that anyone and everyone can learn and use within their life.