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On this Reiki course you will will learn how to:

  • Work with yourself and others on physical, emotional and spiritual levels
  • Work with the Reiki symbols in treatments
  • Learn how to conduct distant healing
  • Deepen your personal practice
  • Work effectively as a practitioner with clients
2 x Reiki Master/Teachers
Course duration: 1 day 10:00am – 4:30pm
Next Courses:
Sunday May 8th 2022 –  Book here

If you are interested in learning Reiki level two and , it is important to note that not all Reiki courses are the same. We offer training in Reiki throughout Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire & Hertfordshire.

If you have already started your Reiki training elsewhere, Gabriella and Natalie can continue the training with you as long as it was with the Usui Reiki system. As every teacher teaches slightly differently, you may find some small differences in the course.

This course helps you to become a powerful and confident healer

This degree takes you deeper into the wonderful world of Reiki. There is one further attunement to connect you to the 2nd degree energy and show you how to use powerful symbols as tools to intensify the power of Reiki when it is needed.

This course has been designed to give you the best foundation and knowledge to become the most effective healer possible so that you can practice safely and effectively.

This course enables you to expand on your knowledge of practicing healing on others, including animals and plants. It also allows you to practice distant healing and emotional/mental healing.

If you wish to actively use Reiki in the lives of others or simply deepen your ability for self healing, then this course is for you.

Level Two/Second Degree teaches you mental/emotional balancing, distant healing and healing crisis.

How to send distance healing.
How to heal on emotional levels and create mental/emotional balancing and clearing.
Understand how to direct energy
Using Intention in your healing
Learn about The Second Degree Reiki symbols – how to draw them and say their names.
Learn how to use the Reiki Symbols during a treatment.
How to create a healing space.
Learn about Reiki Triangles.
Attunements to Reiki Energy
How to treat food and water with Reiki and clearing a space.
Setting up your public practice.
How to heal animals.
Receive your Reiki Level Two training manual and Certificate

“I couldn’t have found a better teacher to learn from. Natalie is a knowledgeable teacher full of humour, honest & straight forward. The qualities I like in a person! They are so willing to help you and answer all your questions. Looking forward to doing more courses with you! Thanks for making my learning an enjoyable experience. ” Sharan.

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