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Petrissage, Fascia what now?!

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Have you ever been talking to massage therapist and had no idea what they were talking about? Sometimes professional massage practitioners and providers inadvertently use words without realising that they may not be widely understood by the general public. Here’s a quick guide to a few of them to help…


A massage move usually used to warm up an area of the body where they use the base of their palms applying low to medium pressure. The movement is smooth and flowing, often combined with rolling.


A specific tapotement (tapping)technique. The massage therapist forms an inverted cup with their hands and drums the client’s body using light and fast beats the skin without the palm toughing which increases blood circulation to the area and stimulates the nerves.


A network of connective tissue that runs throughout the insides of the human body, effectively holding it all together. Found just below the skin and surrounds every muscle and organ of the body forming a structure of it’s own.


Another form of tapotement massage technique where the therapist forms a karate hand position but keeps their gingers slightly apart before applying chops to the body in appropriate areas. Used as an invigorating part of the massage these are sharp bursts.


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