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Working with clients to make significant changes to their lifestyle so that they can grow, rebalance and thrive physically, emotionally and mentally by building balance and harmony between the mind-body connection.

the pandemic reset

it’s time to reset life…

are you feeling pandemic fatigue?
constantly stressed?
burnt out?

6 week program

6 x body reset sessions
2 x mind reset sessions

Let’s face it. The past couple of years haven’t been easy for any of us and they have taken their toll.

Over this 6 week program we work together to reset your body, mind & soul. The connection between the body and mind is undeniable – if one is out of balance, the other will be too. This program has been designed to focus on the major key areas to reset the system in the fastest possible way so that we can move forward and thrive in life again!

The Body Reset

Focuses on full body deep tissue massage to realign the physical body with extra focus and attention on slow, steady movement and specifically designed myofascial releasing moves to help reset the nervous system and specifically the vegas nerve.

When we experience high levels of stress and/or fear for long periods of time our bodies literally start to learn and engage in new patterns of holding tension and movement. As crazy as it may sound emotions can literally be held in the body which is part of why massage therapy can be so therapeutic. By committing to one body reset session a week over this program we reteach your body and remind it where the ‘safe space’ is so that it can relax again and flip back into the parasympathetic nervous system of rest, digest & healing. This is key for long term health & wellbeing!

Mind Reset Sessions

During these sessions we focus on the impact that the past couple of years have had on your mental processes. Tailored for you a combination of NLP and ICH techniques are used as we work together to start to reset and unravel any unhealthy patterns that may now be in place.

Where appropriate you will be guided through processes to help release emotional density (fear, anxiety, anger etc.) that has accumulated over the pandemic. Active listening is also key as this gives you space to truly feel seen and heard which has it’s own healing power and the introduction of STOP processing and mindfulness techniques to bring you back to a place of greater peace, mental and emotional balance.


Add Reiki or Reflexology to your body reset sessions

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Wellbeing Packages