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My top 20 positive affirmations

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You are what you think they say…if you think or even believe that you’re destined to fail and you will. But believe you’re in charge of your own success and you’ll achieve your dreams. Wishful thinking? Maybe not…

If life truly stems from your thoughts then starting to translate thoughts into words and eventually into actions in order to manifest our intentions might be the way forward.

Try some of these for a few weeks to get started and into the swing of things or use them as inspiration and come up with your own!

  1. I am a magnet for all of my desires
  2. I attract opportunities to me like a magnet
  3. I am powerful
  4. I can and will create positive change in my life
  5. I am healthy in mind, body & soul
  6. I am grateful for my life
  7. I have only healthy & loving relationships around me
  8. Money & abundance flow to me effortlessly and quickly
  9. I choose happiness
  10. I love my body
  11. I am good enough
  12. I am worthy
  13. I achieve my goals effortlessly
  14. I accept myself unconditionally
  15. I am capable of anything I choose
  16. I am bursting with energy and overflowing with joy
  17. I possess all of the qualities to be extremely successful in every area of my life
  18. My ability os limitless and my potential to succeed is infinite
  19. I love my life
  20. Today will unfold in perfect harmony

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