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Deep Tissue & Sports Massage

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Reiki Courses

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Complementary & Massage Therapy is becoming increasingly popular as stress and tension increase due to our busy lives.

Massage is a great way to make a positive lifestyle choice. Massage can create a deep sense of relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, relieve muscle tension, stiffness & pain, improve circulation of blood around the body, detox the body, help with greater flexibility and range of movement, help lower blood pressure, relieve headaches, help improve posture, nourish your skin, help boost your immune system and more!

When stressed and tense muscles relax the nerves have the ability to relax in tandem so they are able to receive the nutrients and oxygen delivered by an increase blood flow. Massage relieves muscle tension and it improves the circulation and lymphatic drainage around the body acting as an effortlessly enjoyable detox for the body and mind!

Gabriella provides clients with a professional and friendly service, attracting customers from the Cookham region. She offers a range of sessions that include Swedish massage, Full body massage, Back massage, Reiki massage and Reiki healing.

A few benefits of massage are:

  • Help reduce stress
  • Can lower blood pressure & increase circulation
  • Improve mood, attitude and alertness
  • Enhance and maintain good health
  • Prevent injury and illness by boosting immune system and detoxing body
  • Improve posture by increasing body awareness and muscle tone
  • Relax muscular tension and improve mobility and flexibility
  • Achieve total relaxation, get some TLC and ‘you time’!