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Gabriella is a qualified massage therapist who offers a variety of treatments to people in the Aylesbury, Wendover, Princes Risborough, Chinnor and Tring region which is a short drive away from her practice in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

The value of massage therapy in combating the stresses and tensions of modern living is becoming more and more recognised. Athletes, sports people and dancers include massage in their training schedules to prevent and treat soft tissue injuries and maintain general mobility and well being within their bodies.

Many people seek massage therapy—the manual manipulation of muscles and tendons beneath the skin to achieve relief from any kind of physical pain. Deep tissue massage therapy is often the massage of choice for athletes who want help with healing from various injuries or for those seeking help with the management of chronic pain or muscle tension.

Similarly more and more people are looking for massage for a variety of reasons including relaxing, stress – relief, a luxurious treat and self-maintenance.

Traditional massage techniques such as Swedish massage have become the most common practice in the West.

This technique can be performed with gentle or firm pressure depending on your preference. Studies have shown that Swedish massage reduces stress, promotes health, and prevents injuries.

Similarly our Full Body Massage & Back Massage incorporate many similar techniques providing similar benefits for the client.

If you are looking for a treatment that balances body, mind & spirit. Providing benefits not only for the physical body but for the energy system of the body and emotional and spiritual aspects our signature treatment Reiki Massage is a must-try!

Here are just some of the benefits:

Reduces stress, anxiety and increases relaxation.
Helps relieve muscular tension, soreness & stiffness
Improves circulation & skin elasticity & oxygen flow
Helps detox the body and eliminate toxins & swelling
Aids better sleep & reduces insomnia
Improves muscle tone
Helps induce a psychological ‘feel good factor’ and TLC!

Massage therapy is a treatment that has been enjoyed throughout history, appearing in both the art and literature of ancient civilisations from Japan to Rome.

On your first appointment you will be asked a few questions concerning general well-being, injuries and medical conditions that the therapist may need to know about, in order to determine if there are any contra-indications (physical conditions that would prohibit or limit a massage treatment).

Research has shown just 45 to 60 minutes of deep tissue massage can lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormone levels, and decrease heart rate. One of the most common culprits for chronic pain is inflammation in the body’s soft tissue, and by increasing blood flow throughout the body, this massage technique is often able to reduce that inflammation. Massage therapists may also work to loosen clusters of tight tissue resulting from physical stress, providing further relief for tense muscles.

It can be used for the treatment of physical injury or pain, as well as for mental ailments and distress, by applying pressure to points on certain parts of the body or by the stimulation of blood flow and release of tense muscles. Upper and lower back massage has been proven to assist in a huge range of conditions as well as its uses as a true form of relaxation.

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