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How to deal with stress…

  • Take time to be still – Give your mind and body a rest. Meditation and yoga relieves stress and creates balance. A simple way to get started is to sit or lie down in a peaceful place and focus on your breathing. What can result is a greater sense of well-being, feelings of love and serenity, new insights, a solution to a problem, etc.
  • Be here now- Focus more on the present moment and stop worrying about the past or future. When you focus on what’s happening right here and now your energy is more fully available to handle every situation with ease , clarity and personal power.
  • Stay peaceful – Maintain awareness and try to keep your serenity and sense of balance when presented with stressful situations
  • Don’t take it so seriously! – Yes, life is hard. Yes, thing’s in it are serious, but maintaining a sense of humour when things start to overwhelm you can be an awesome tool for dealing with it. Plus…it’s far more fun!
  • Treat yourself with Reiki – Reiki is a fantastic way of reducing stress as well as boosting wellbeing and general health.

Using stress therapy –

Reiki is a gentle healing energy. Your body can use this energy for just about anything it needs. Here are some common reasons to use Reiki:

  • You’re stressed out and need some TLC (tender loving care).
  • You’re low on energy or unmotivated and need a boost
  • You haven’t been sleeping well.
  • You feel stuck emotionally or mentally and want some insights on how to move forward.
  • You just want a lovely and relaxing  treat for your body, mind, and spirit.

You can think of Reiki as a  yummy dose of positive and relaxing energy to give to your body! Yum!


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