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How to beat the winter blues

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how to beat the winter blues

The ‘winter blues’, ‘blue monday’ or SAD which stands for Seasonal Affected Disorder, whatever you want to cal it…it’s real and it’s more common than you might have thought.

There is a beauty and a sense of peacefulness that can come with the winter months, a time to get cosy and hibernate however for some of us these shortened days and sunshine lacking months can take their toll on our mental state, energy levels and even productivity. If that’s you, let’s have a look at what we can do to help…

SAD occurs in winter months mostly triggered by the lack of natural light that occurs due to shorter days and overcast, rainy spells. You may experience feelings of depression, trouble sleeping, irritability or lethargy during this time. Some experts believe that the lack of sun can cause some people to produce a higher-than-normal amount of melatonin, leading to feelings of sluggishness. Our bodies’ natural rhythms can become out of sync easier which can lead us to be restless at night and slothful during the day.

So what to do about it? Well, short of packing up and heading somewhere sunny t live for those winter months there are a few additions to your routine that could help!

Believe it or not, massage may hold some relief for sufferers of SAD. During the winter months our serotonin levels can drop which can lead to feelings of depression. Massage therapy is a natural way to increase serotonin levels!

Massage also raises production of other hormones in your body that lead to feelings of productivity, and can promote a better sleep too!

Light therapy can be a huge help too – by using special light bulbs designed with specific wattage to mimic the sunlight of the sun this can help trigger your body into producing the chemicals needed that you’d naturally feel in the summer!

Lastly it’s simple but so easy to forget – try to get outside when the sun does come out, as weak as the rays might be or as tempting it might be to stay in the warmth inside. Soaking up some natural light and even exercising a little while you’re at it, can help to raise your mood and energy level.

So this winter, let’s not let those winter blues have all the power! get your joy back this winter season.


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