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How Massage Can Help Vertigo

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What is vertigo?

Vertigo is a spinning or spiralling feeling of dizziness/lightheadedness that affects your balance. It’s connected to the inner ear tissue and often infections can trigger it off.  Bright lights, sudden movements, moving from sitting to standing positions and anxiety can all make vertigo worse…that’s where massage comes in!

By using calming massage techniques that reduce stress and increase blood flow through the head and neck arteries you can help treat some of the symptoms. As well as being widely recognised for reducing stress or anxiety, a therapeutic massage can also help with the headaches and neck pain that bouts of vertigo can cause.

An at home way and well-accepted method for helping to deal with vertigo is to dim the lights, lie down and try to relax. In other words, put yourself in an environment that is very similar to that in which massage is often performed.

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