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How do we protect our energy?

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At some point in most of our lives we will have come across someone struggling in the same way or someone within the spiritual or healing worlds that tells us that we need to protect ourselves from the world and the energy in it. We are taught how to build barriers between ourselves and other people, energies and emotions to try to separate ourselves. While these can work to some degree in lightening the load they aren’t a true solution to learning how to live full abundant lives as empaths. 

Firstly this approach comes from a place of fear of the world, one that deep down we want to learn how to thrive in and this cannot happen if we are separate, distanced and in fear of it. Why not rather learn how to work with our traits and abilities in a way that comes from a place of self love and love for the world than fear. 

Another point to consider is that the more barriers we put in place to the ‘bad’ stuff or negative energies potentially the more barriers that are there to all of the good stuff coming into our lives as well. Perhaps by building walls, eggs shells, pyramids and mirrors around us energetically we unknowingly are rejecting all of the things we’d love in our lives. 

By nature we are nurturers and helpers, is there a healthier way to go with the flow in an empowering, loving way rather than going against it? Perhaps by putting up walls to protect ourselves we are blocking the flow which may inadvertently be blocking positive people and circumstances intended for us. 

Is there a way we can add tools to our toolbox that give us ways and techniques so that we can easily stay open energetically, keep what we like and let go of what is not meant for us? 

Or if you do feel like you are benefiting form and would like to use walls etc to protect yourself in certain situations maybe remember to take it down again!

Mantra – “You’re you and I am me, I let go of what is not meant for me.” 

When you walk into a room does it feel like you are hitting a wall of other people’s emotions and feelings? Life thrives in interconnectedness. We are interwoven so we need to learn how to navigate the overwhelm and overload so that you can engage with the world and stay stable connections and lead a full life full of love. 


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