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Hot Stone Massage

Medium/Firm Pressure

Treat yourself  to a Hot Stone Massage…

The direct heat in Hot Stone Massage relaxes muscles, allowing faster muscle manipulation than with regular massage.

These stones are heated and used a massage tool for the body to enhance the massage and unblock & relieve tension held, giving a sense of deep relaxation and well-being.

The heat gently penetrates the skin and muscle, while knots and tension are smoothed away.

Hot stones expand blood vessels, which push blood and waste through the nervous system. This gives the body a sedative effect.

The therapist will use the stones to massage with, they can also be laid out on the couch for the client to lie on, placed on the body or given to hold. Warm stones glide over the skin and warmth radiates through the body.

A deeper massage can be achieved with the stones as one massage stroke with the stone is equivalent to 5-10 with the hand.

Stone Therapy is an effective form of healing stimulating the body’s self healing processes.

  • It is both a massage and a therapy, relaxing, nurturing, deeply soothing
  • It stimulates and helps rebalance the body’s systems
  • Hot Stones encourage deep and effective breathing
  • Can reduce fatigue and increases energy levels
  • Heat helps to calm the nervous system reducing the symptoms of stress and tension
  • The heat from the stones relaxes and penetrates the deeper soft tissues and muscular structures; relieving pain in tight, sore, aching muscles
  • Helps lower high blood pressure
  • Improves circulation and lymphatic drainage boosting immunity

**Hot stone massage therapy can produce a deeper and more intense massage equivalent to 2-3 manual massage treatments.**

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