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7 signs you might have adrenal fatigue…

1. You’re Feeling Overwhelmed By Life
You can be your best when you feel your best! Give yourself permission to take a step back. Your body & adrenals will thank you!

2. You Can’t Sleep
It’s so essential. Your body needs this time to recover, reset and recharge for a new day. You should wake up every morning feeling refreshed & energized.

Top tip: Have a gentle stretch for a few minutes every day before you go to sleep to help your body relax and see if it helps your quality of sleep

3. You Feel Exhausted After Working Out
Exercise should make you feel more energized, and it shouldn’t make you exhausted and fatigued afterward.

4. Your Hormones Are Feeling Wacky
When your adrenals cannot keep up with stress levels it can lead to a hormone imbalance.

5. You’re Feeling Anxious or Depressed
When you’ve got too much going on, anxiety kicks in. The pressure and stresses of life can build up and create an adrenal rush that lasts for too long. Your adrenal hormones are involved in mood, mental stress and function.

7. You Feel Stiff & Sore
Our bodies react to stressful events and feeling stuff and sore can be a sign that our bodies are struggling to fully recharge.

Massage Therapy – once a month

So many of us put self-care at the bottom of our to-do list.
All work and no play can lead to burnout and sometimes the key to success also lies in regular self-care practices.

If you’re struggling with any of these signs I recommend making sure you have a massage session at least once a month.
Your body & adrenals will thank you for it!


Massage & Bodywork Therapist