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empaths & highly sensitive people

Empath: The super responder

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Do you ‘just know’ things without realizing how? Is that ‘sixth sense’ stronger and more accurate in you than others?

Empaths are people who are literally able to feel the emotions of others. The opposite of the narcissist, empaths are nurturing, caring, sensitive, human lie detectors.

There is a spectrum of sensitivity that exists in human beings, however empaths are like emotional sponges who absorb the emotions and stress & joy of those around them wherever they go. They feel everything, often to an extreme and have difficulty guarding themselves or creating boundaries between themselves and others. 

Top tip: They have an extremely reactive neurological system and cannot block out stimulated like other people can

Interesting fact: It’s approximately 20% of the population that falls into this category. So if you aren’t one, you probably know someone that is. 

Interesting fact: High levels of sensitivity or empath traits are often inherited. 

As highly sensitive people you are deeply affected by things other people seem to let go of or not even notice at all. If someone hurts, you hurt. You can see the waste and shutdown people are living in as they go through life in denial and on autopilot and it affects you. Hypocrisy, judgment and greed over unconditional love you simply cannot understand.

You have an open heart and innate desire to help people always and crave intimacy, joy and connection but might isolate yourself as you may not know how to deal with everything that comes with it energetically. Or at least not yet. 

Born with a nervous system genetically designed to be more sensitive to subtleties. 

Phrases you may have heard a lot of before/mislabeling of your personality:

“ You are too sensitive”

” You may be seen by others as shy, timid, weak or even unsociable “

” You’re too much “

” Don’t take things so personally “

Simply put you react more to the same level of stimulation as someone else. Not out of choice, just basic biology. You cannot simply ‘choose’ to be less sensitive as some people may have suggested to you in your past in the same way you cannot ‘choose’ to have a different height, or have a different eye colour, you are indeed born this way. 


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