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Differences you might find from your partner when you’re an empath

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If you’re an Empath an you’re reading this you’ll already know that when you fall in love it is fast & hard! But it doesn’t happen that often! So how do you make it the best it can be…

If you’re in a relationship with somebody who isn’t what are some of the differences that might come up between you and how do you navigate through them? 

differences in optimal arousal level (and i don’t mean sexual arousal)

You may have noticed that you and your partners levels of stimulation are different. It might be something as simple as watching an action movie before going to bed, your partner could be fine with this as it doesn’t overstimulate them and they can get straight to sleep afterwards but you’re awake and up all night!

So how do navigate those moments when you and your partners stimulation levels are different. How do you respond to ‘just try it’? Or don’t spoil the fun’? when you know it will have a big impact on you that you just don’t want right now. Although well – intentioned they may not fully understand that your level of arousal doing the exact same thing as them will be different and may even become uncomfortable for you when it feels great for them.

Communication and understanding are key here. Maybe you could suggest changing the day or time if that feels good to you or maybe they just do it without you and tell you all about how much fun they had afterwards. 

We need to reframe all of those times the two of you have been physically doing the same thing and he or she feels completely fine at the end and you don’t. Don’t give yourself a hard time about it.


You may have a greater need for solitude and stillness more frequently than your partner. It could be a great idea to explain this to your partner clearly and make sure they  understand that it is not about them or ‘needing space away from them’ but just a simple process your nervous system needs of stillness to recharge that can only be achieved when you are by yourself.

enhanced depth, intimacy & communication

As an empath you have a natural ability and opportunity to create a connection that builds awesome levels of intimacy and honest communication. Your ability to pick up on more subtle cues, changes in another person’s energy, unconscious or subconscious processes etc is greater. Over time the level of mental, emotional and physical intimacy you and your partner can achieve is aaawesome, trust me! 

communication errors

Avoiding confrontation or difficult conversations or facing challenges head on perhaps due to a fear of over arousal caused by the uncomfortableness of it can result in communication errors or crossed wires. No biggey, just get it back on track when you realise what’s happened. Open, honest & loving communication is always the answer. 

sexual pleasure

As an empath you might feel more sensitive and feel sexual stimulation more intensely than others. Sometimes this can mean taking it a little slow and communicating that with your partner so you stay feeling comfortable and enjoying the experience. But it also means you feel every touch more intensely and oh yes my friend, that orgasm could be much greater!


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