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Best affirmations for work, career & money

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Most of us don’t think twice about the negative self-talk and the self-doubt that goes on in our heads, but the idea of writing down or even saying daily affirmations can seem silly. Well, it’s time that all changed.

The point and science behind repeating positive affirmations daily is to retrain and rewire our brains. So many of us have so many negative thoughts. Many have been plugged in since childhood and we haven’t been able to shake them off.

Rather than beating yourself up and giving yourself negative self talk why not use these affirmations for career growth and job success to give you the positive input you need and start creating the life you desire!

I am worthy of the career success I desire

Doors & opportunities are always opening for me with ease

I am an asset to any organization

I am in my dream job

I am achieving my career goals

I produce amazing results

I am excited to continually develop my skills and expand my knowledge

I have confidence and believe in myself

I am confident and calm

Doors of opportunity and abundance open to me today

There are no limits to what I can achieve

My business success & income is constantly increasing

I attract positive customers and team members to my business.

My ideal clients & customers love to work with me

Money flows to me from multiple sources

Making money comes easily to me


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