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empaths & highly sensitive people

Are you an empath? Things to start doing if you aren’t already…

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  • Embrace being an empath. Ignore all the times you have been called ‘too sensitive’ or to ‘get a thicker skin’ and embrace your gift.
  • Value your sensitivity, it is an awesome trait!

  • Don’t confuse arousal with anxiety or fear…it is easy to do! A simple mislabeling of the sensation or feeling arousal or stimulation could put a negative connotation onto something and make it more difficult than it needs to be.

  • Radically accept that you have needs too, and you deserve to have our needs met. Instead of constantly focusing on what everyone around you needs, look after yourself first.
  • Release responsibility – you are not responsible for anyone’s emotional, physical or mental wellbeing other than your own. If you are having trouble releasing other people’s energies that you have picked up then you may not have fully realised this awareness yet. You are not a spiritual superhero who is responsible for healing and fixing everyones problems, pains and making them happy.
  • Reframe your past experiences in light of the information that you are an empath or HSP. Acknowledge, validate and let yourself heal for any events that may have happened in your past where you or someone else judged you harshly in your abilities or strength that lowered your self esteem. You now know this as never true, your experiences were never about you being less than or less capable, just about learning & understanding that you operate and need different things.

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