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Are you afraid of success?

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Is it time to dare to be seen & embrace your sensitivity?

Can being highly empathic and sensitive to the world around you affect how easily you are able to attain success in life? But how on earth could that even affect it?

Well…put simply, if your nervous system isn’t ready for the next level of success it might not happen. You can do the courses, take the steps and create the vision boards but don’t forget to support your nervous systems on a physiological level so that it stays feeling safe and secure as you step out of shadows more.

Creating more capacity within your nervous system so that it can easily process and experience more stimulation allows you to stay out of the flight, fight or freeze responses in your nervous system that will self sabotage you. 

Feel safe enough to be really seen.

The key is to learn how to support your nervous system, learn how to regulate and add more capacity so that you can lean into life more, so that you can take on more and achieve greater levels of success in your life on any level in a sustainable, healthy way. 

Are you afraid of getting negative feedback?

This may be another obstacle to your success. Do you think the more successful we are the more visible we are and the more negative feedback we might receive? If you know whole heartedly that you have integrity, that your motivations & intentions are good and true you have nothing to be afraid of!


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