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7 types of empaths – which one are you?

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Often we aren’t just one type of empath and these different traits can become stronger or weaker at different phases of your life and may change as you adapt, grow and shift.

We have all of these qualities to varying degrees but you may be dominant in 1,2 or 3 of the following:

Emotional empath 

This is thought to be the most common empath trait of them all.
Simply put, the feelers! You may feel your own emotions more intensely as well as those around you, you’ll pick up on the energy and feeling (god & bad) of people around you and can literally change your state in just a couple of moments. You may even pick up on the collective consciousness of your neighborhood, your country and the dominant world feelings when big events are happening.

You can feel what people are feeling even when they are trying to hide it or don’t know what they are feeling themselves. You can feel the contrast strongly between what they are saying externally and what they are truly feeling internally. 

You may even feel other people’s feelings stronger than your own and identify these external feelings as your own, oops!

Try this: When you’re feeling whatever you’re feeling ask the question, is this mine? You’ll probably get an intuitive answer, if it’s not it could be a lot easier to let go of.

Try this: Don’t label the feeling as an emotion and personalize it ‘im sad’ ‘im angry’ just treat it as an energy without a label and allow it to pass through.


Spatial Empath

You may not go around calling yourself or seeing yourself as an empath. What the hell is that? You ask…This is someone who walks into a room and isn’t reading the people, but they are reading the space. They can pick up on the energy of the space and be impacted hugely by it, the heaviness of it, the good vibes of it. Something we are all affected by but not all of this know how to articulate it or how to create a space that is positive, feel good and uplifting.

A common trait for an interior designer or a web designer. You know how to make a space feel amazing and intuitively understand the natural flow of a space and naturally know how to make your home, or your website feel amazing to people who visit it. 


Psychic and spiritual empath

Without even trying you get downloaded by insights, intuition, aha’s or information about people around you. It can be overwhelming and sometimes out of your control as to when you receive them. People can struggle with this as they feel they don’t have boundaries there that they want so that they don’t ethically or morally intrude on picking up things from people around them that they wouldn’t otherwise know. 

Note: please always always remember you could be ‘wrong’ or have other things influencing what you are intuitively sensing and how you even interpret the information through your personal filters, beliefs & framework of the world.

Just because you get the intuitive insight it doesn’t mean you have to act on it and you can build stronger boundaries so that you aren’t picking up on things you don’t want to. 

The tarot readers, the channellers, the mediums, the energy healers and maybe even couches, therapists and counselors etc. 

Tuning into and using these energies can be very draining so without the right levels of boundaries in place and self care a level of burnout and exhaustion can happen quickly. Awareness is power, stay conscious and stay intentional with your boundaries and stick to them. They take practice.


Communication empath

You may have discovered that you’re an empath a little later in life. As it sounds, you are a great communicator and great at reading people. You know what someone needs to hear and have an awesome gift of knowing intuitively how to word, phrase and get across what they need to hear and how they need to hear it in that moment.


Animal Empath

A lot of animal activists may be animal empaths. They often feel exhausted by the humans on the planet and naturally find it easier and safer to connect with and understand animals than people. You may even feel like you receive healing from the animals in your life.

A disconnection to humankind is very common and feeling a sense of disillusionment and disappointment with the way the world works and how mankind is mistreating and abusing it and each other. Be mindful not to completely disconnect and shut down from mankind too much, we are all even, we are all one.

Focus on healing your discomfort with humankind (though understandable) so that you can connect with yourself and others on the planet in a more balanced loving way. We cannot afterall heal the planet until we each heal ourselves.


Vibrational empath

The empath that can sense the energy around you or the vibe and energy coming off of everything, people, plants, food, animals, objects etc. Most empaths have a strong trait of this. You are like a human lie detector and can discern the difference between what they are saying and what you are feeling from them. 

You can also become more selective about the kind of physical objects you have around you or in your home, perhaps items purchased second hand from charity shops have to be selected very carefully or cleared energetically as you can feel the energy it’s caring from it’s previous owners or experience. Having the wrong even objects around you can have a negative impact on your energy and vibe. Trust this, always.

Somatic empath 

Somatic means of the body, perhaps you’re a medical medium, massage therapist, chiropractor, physical therapist, anything to do with the body! or can physically sense what people around you are physically feeling. You may feel other peoples aches or pains in your own body and mistake them for your own.

You literally have a physical connection and feeling of another persons physical experience within your body enabling you to be an amazing facilitator of change. A very physical form of being an empath.


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