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6 ways to be more present today

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How many times have you said to yourself  ‘where did that day/week/year go?’ Sometimes life feels like it’s moving faster and faster and we can’t keep up! We’re packing more and more things into our lives and our days so how do we make sure we are still present for it all?

What does living in the present even mean? Well it means being fully conscious and aware and ‘in the room’ with whatever we are doing in that moment. If our minds are constantly thinking about we didn’t do yesterday or what we need to go later or tomorrow we completely miss the moment we are actually in now. What a waste, right!?

listen to your body

Throughout the day make sure you take a few moments to be aware of your body. How does it feel? What does it need? Tune out the rest of the world and tune into your body. Stress is one of the fastest way we can become disconnected from our bodies and forget to pay attention to it. Your body is constantly sending you messages and signals that could actually help you with your day, be sure to listen to it.

see the ‘small stuff’

Notice, acknowledge, celebrate and have gratitude for the ‘small stuff’. It’s those little things that are often the most meaningful and precious. A smile or hug from a neighbour, your child asking you yet another question, a loved one unexpectedly arriving, that first cup of coffee in the morning in your favourite mug…

or maybe it’s something you’ve accomplished. OK so the ferrari still isn’t parked on your driveway but did you finally fix that dripping tap? Write that difficult email? Take a positive step forward even if it was a small one? Celebrate that, don’t just brush it off as nothing! And use that energy to spur you onto the next thing!

stay mindful

Meditations are great but only for a short amount of time. Why not try to stay mindful throughout your day. Notice your body, feel your breath, stay relaxed with whatever is happening. If your mind starts to wonder into the future or past bring it back to the present moment and focus on whatever is happening now.

don’t be afraid to catch feels

Feel your feelings. Not just the ‘good ones’. Welcome any emotion that comes up, recognise it,  acknowledge it, explore it. The chances are the ‘not so good ones’ will either give you huge insight for you learn, grow or discover something or it’ll start to disappear when you give it the space to ‘just be’ for a few moments.

go phone free

You knew it had to be in here somewhere, right?! Yes! Go phone free, ipad free, digital free and any other technological distraction free! Especially when you’re spending time with loved ones. Be honest, half the time it’s not that important or urgent and you’re just stuck in an unhealthy habit of leaping over to it any time it dings! Your phone should not own you. Have some boundaries 😉

have some you time

Spend time for yourself. Just you. However you like! Maybe read a book, practice yoga, take a walk, have a bath, sit in nature, get a massage. Now is the time to be present and focus on your well-being.


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