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empaths & highly sensitive people

6 surprising signs you might be an empath

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  1. Perfectionism; you have unreasonably high expectations of ourselves but you are much more allowing to other people and they don’t have to be perfect.
  2. People pleasing – do you love to make other people happy? But do you do that to the expense of yourself? Find it really hard to say no? Or stand up for what you believe?
  3. Financial instability – What is the connection between money and the nervous system? Money ties into our most basic instinct, we need resources to survive. Money is the path to shelter, food, needs, shelter etc.

    * Do you have a fight response? (overspending, fight to prove to myself that i have financial stability)
    * flight response = do you run away from conversations about money? avoid dealing with it? Have your head in the sand?
    * Freeze response = do you lose your words or thoughts, become tongue tied to freeze when it comes to talking about money or getting a pay raise? Or being paid what we are worth?
    * Fawn response = trying to buy your away into someone’s heart, giving away too much to charity or to help other people when we can’t really afford it. People pleasing with money!
  4. A need for control – because we find it hard to control the level of energy and emotion we are picking up from other people we can become overly controlling in other aspects of our lives to try and rebalance our experience.
  5. Terrible boundaries – How do we learn how to create healthy boundaries for ourselves?
  6. Afraid to succeed – often a deep subconscious fear where you don’t feel safe to ‘come out’ as ourselves and be fully seen whether it’s financially, in a relationship or any other way. A false sense of safety by staying ‘invisible’ or ‘in the background’ A false belief that we can’t handle success because we ‘can’t cope’ with the energy of being fully successful. It’s not true. 

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