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12 reasons to get a massage

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A massage is so much more than a relaxing way to treat yourself.

I mean, who doesn’t love a good massage? Many of us think of it as an occasional indulgence, but it should be considered a part of all of our wellness plans. Whether you have a physically demanding job or you have a desk job, whether you’re a sports nut or a meditator every body needs it. Any here’s why…

Massage therapy has a hugely wide range of health benefits so in case you needed a few more reasons why it’s such a great idea here’s a few.

1. boosts your immunity

Yep, that’s right! Regular massage  has been shown to make the immune system stronger. Why? The detoxing and lymphatic motions in a massage are amazing and they increase the activity level of white blood cells that work to combat viruses.

2. relieve stress

Let’s be honest, we all have it. and whilst stress seems to be unavoidable in life that doesn’t mean it’s unmanageable. Massage therapy without doubt in my opinion helps to reduce stress hormone levels and increases our feel good hormones to create better balance or serotonin and dopamine.

3. decrease anxiety

Well if you’re helping to reduce stress levels it makes sense that it could have a positive effect on your anxiety levels too right? As massage helps the body relax, it allows the mind to start to relax too so that you can start to let go of and reset anxious thought patterns. It also helps manage the fight or flight response within the nervous system which is commonly activated with anxiety.

4. sleep quality

An obvious next step if your body and mind are in a relaxed and peaceful state. Your nervous system can move into it’s rest and relax phase and your quality of sleep can improve, woohoo! Something else that’s super cool is the seratonin levels that increase when you have a hit of feel good hormones during the session means your body can produce more melatonin (sleep hormones) at night and improve sleep.

 4. headache relief

Most headaches are as a result of high levels of stress whether physical or emotional, stress that translates into the body, the muscle and nervous system, builds up and causes a headache. eugh. Regular massage helps manage this by breaking down and rebalancing this build up in the body so that it doesn’t turn into headaches or even worse migraines.

5. lower blood pressure

If you’ve ever had a massage and fallen asleep, felt a little woozy afterwords or felt cold in body temperature during the session then you’ve felt the effects of your blood pressure getting lower. Research shows that massage therapy decreases your blood pressure which is great for your wellbeing.

If you have low blood pressure to begin with be sure to let your therapist know at the beginning of the session and take extra care when getting up at the end of the session, you may need a little extra recovery time or some sugar to help post session.

6. increase range of motion

Feeling a little stiff? Can’t turn to one side properly? Massage therapy relaxes and rebalances overworked muscles which increases circulation, removes toxic waste build up and BOOM increases flexibility!

7. increase energy levels

Feeling lethargic or tired during the day a lot? Massage therapy can actually reduce fatigue and increase your energy levels by helping to rebalance your body systems. If your body and mind and functioning better then those energy levels can start to go up.

8. relieve lower back pain

Ok so it can relieve a lot more than just lower back pain, it can relieve pain anywhere in the body but lower back is such a common area that gives us trouble! Why wouldn’t you opt for a non-invasive, holistic approach to helping pain.

 9. help with digestive issues

Your body is connected. All of it, every limb, muscle and area of connective tissue affects the other.  Tension in one area of the body creates tension in another. Digestive issues are often caused by this and by high levels of stress affecting the functioning of the digestive system. Often we don’t even fully realise just how tense we actually are until we relax again and can feel the difference.

10. recovery from strenuous workouts or doms

Have a ever tried a foam roller? Full body massage is a great way to recover faster from a tough workout just like a foam roller…except it’s a more pleasant, enjoyable and specialised for your body foam roller.

11. reduce scar tissue

Massage can help your body to heal faster by breaking down the scar tissue with massage movements,

12. it’s basically a painkiller

Neuroscientists compares brain activity of people undergoing touch therapy treatments. Massage activated the same part of the brain that is activated by opioid painkillers. Fascinating stuff!


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