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Massage Therapy Marlow & Henley

commit to yourself – let’s create wellbeing


a holistic approach to your health & wellbeing

Assessing your physiological, emotional and physical needs we take a holistic approach to each client and work with you towards wellbeing and optimum health. It’s wellbeing & conscious living with down to earth information, sessions & tips for body, mind & soul; self development, massage, bodywork, reiki, reflexology, yoga & spirituality to create a life you love.

The aim of massage and bodywork therapy is to relax the muscles and so to relieve and prevent the reoccurrence of pain or imbalance in the body, mind & spirit. I have one simple mission – to help people, to alleviate, heal or rebalance the root cause of physical, emotional or psychological imbalance or stress causing pain or disruption to our daily lives.

We all lead busy, stressful lives. A gradual increase in tension caused by prolonged activity (or inactivity) can lead to stress being placed on muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.

The body needs maintenance, just like you would do for your car by putting the right engine oil from time to time. Massage techniques performed by massage therapists can provide lasting help to deal with occupational stress and strain, postural tension, muscle fatigue and stress relief (to name a few).

Regular bodywork can increase your body function, flexibility and circulation, flush out toxins and enhance body wellbeing & health. The most common types of massage modalities in the UK include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Reiki & Reflexology.

Although most of these modalities can solve more than one problem, each one or a combination of them can be tailor-made to meet your needs. If you’re unsure which is treatment is the best choice for you I can help guide and inform you on what may suit you best.

the wellness room

walk in. float out.

Deep tissue massage – If you are looking for a massage that works deep into the muscles, this is for you! This massage is for non-pathological tissue (i.e.: non-injured) only.  Techniques work deeply into muscles and soft tissues, helping to keep these structures supple and enabling the body to function at its best.

With our Reiki massage you can receive any style of massage offered with the added benefit of Reiki healing energy flowing simultaneously. Combined with massage the effects can be more deeply felt. Reiki energy flows simultaneously throughout the treatment.

The Reset Massage can help anxiety, overwhelm, burnout etc. Rebalance and reset the body & mind with particular focus on every movement to directly talk to your nervous system so that it can flip back into it’s natural ‘rest and relaxation’ mode (the parasympathetic nervous system) and out of ‘fight or flight’ mode.

Swedish massage might be perfect for you if you don’t have massage very often and your primary aim is relaxation. The most common and best-known type of massage in the West. A variety of massage techniques will be used that warm up and work the muscle tissue, releasing tension and breaking up muscle “knots” or adhered tissues, called adhesions.

Sports Massage works to encourage the health of both muscles & connective tissue. The main difference between sports massage & other types of massage is the client has an active role during the treatment with stretching and positioning. There is less emphasis on relaxation than with other styles of massage.

Reiki healing is a gentle & powerful way to help your body self heal and also works on every level to balance body, mind & spirit.  People often describe their healing session as being wonderfully relaxing and that they can feel a lovely warmth. Reiki works in conjunction with the meridian energy lines and chakras.

in person or online

a holistic approach to your health & wellbeing

Most of us have some degree of limiting beliefs that are holding us back in an area of our lives. Working on our limiting beliefs can help us shift and transform something that previously felt stuck or blocked. Negative or limiting beliefs can be powerful but subtle and can result in us becoming stuck in a cycle of negative self-talk or start to restrict the scope of how we see the world.

This is a safe space for you to feel listened to and understood while sharing your dreams, burdens, regrets, and happiness with a neutral and empathic listener. It’s guilt-free talk with total trust. These sessions can help ease the disconnect in a way that allows for greater freedom, self expression and healing.  There are many ways that a person can feel trapped, and there are many ways that a person can find their way out. Listening is one of these ways.

extra bits

a holistic approach to your health & wellbeing

We teach Reiki courses 1-2-1 for individuals and groups to ensure all students get the best possible training based on their personal needs within the theory and practical hands on experience. Refresher courses are also available if you have previously completed a course elsewhere and would like to clarify or fill in any gaps you might have in your understanding.

Give the gift of massage

Massage therapy and bodywork gift vouchers are available to buy online via the website. Choose from our range of sessions or if you’re not sure what to get select our ‘monetary voucher’ option so that your voucher recipient can pick the perfect session for themselves.

Massage For Wellbeing

So many of our modern ills and problems relate to STRESS. A little stress in our life gets us out of bed, into work and enjoying the day. But long periods without a break, with time spent immobile, or with repetitive movements, and we experience tension, knotted up and gradually our immune systems falter.

It is well understood that massage can unwind the stress, allowing us to relax and become acquainted with ourselves again.

A wide variety of styles – Gabby is skilled in various massage and manual techniques

Life can get pretty hectic so I’ve tried to create a bespoke tailored service that’s committed to improving lives through health and wellbeing.

We all have something unique to add to the world, but we can’t do that sustainably if we don’t look after ourselves.

Making the time to focus on our health and wellbeing allows us to become stronger, happier and better equipped to help everyone around us. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

It’s important to note that not every massage is the same. Nor should it be. Each session will be tailored for the individual and the needs on each day.

For you to have the best possible session and results the more specific we can be before the session begins about what the aim is for the day the better the chance of success, and the more the client will notice positive change.

Communication is key. If your main aim is to relax and rebalance or resolve an ache or pain please be specific.

– bespoke massage

One massage does not fit all. We understand you have different needs and preferences on different days. With your input, we can create a personalized massage session that addresses your specific needs for each session.

– nervous system reset

No matter how much pressure you prefer, we employ processes and techniques to help ‘reset’ your nervous system and talk to your muscles to “wake up your muscles.”

– quality products

We use products with 100% natural ingredients. Because massages should include a healthy dose of lotion or wax – Literally. Plus they are UK made products too, win win!