For energy blocks in the body & pain

The AmWand is a great healing tool and can be used to help clear energetic blockages, which are a common source of aches and pains.

analyzer 2Developed in Singapore the AmWand uses the principles and understanding of Quantum Physics. The idea being that by emitting ‘Zero point field energy’ the AmWand talks to our cells & atoms on their deepest level, reminding them that they are pure and encouraging them to release whatever energetic disruption or block that they are holding.

A typical treatment using the Amwand involves it being rotated above or pointed at various parts of our body to start the healing process.

The idea is that it allows the body & cells to resonate at a higher vibration helping it to release the energy block and bring it back into balance.

This can bring balance to the physical body, help spiritually and ease pain.

We offer the AmWand as an ‘add on’ to any of our bodywork treatments.

Add On – +£10