‘Total Stress Buster’

This total Stress Buster will leave you feeling completely de-stressed and relaxed.pamper package image

We focus on the areas that hold most of our stress related tension, tight muscles and where there is a build up of stress hormones in the body. 

This treatment works every part of the upper body, from the head to fingertips. Designed to de-stress and relax, perfect for people;

  • Working in stressful offices or working environments
  • Unable to relax & unwind
  • Suffering from muscle related headaches/migraines
  • Under high levels of stress

Package includes: Muscle relaxing Back Massage including arms, hands, & neck with Indian Head + Facial Massage.

Total Time – 60 mins  : £50

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‘ Deluxe Energy Re-Balancer ‘

Working on multiple levels of the physical, this holistic treatment works to balance the whole.

pamper package

With the combination of a relaxing full body massage where blood flow & lymphatic drainage are focused on, all of the bodies systems are activated increasing the speed of toxin release.

Working with the body’s meridians, reflexes & chakra energy system, Reiki & Reflexology are applied to focus on the internal organs & energy flow of the body to create a more balanced state.


Package includes: 60 min full body massage + 30 mins Reiki + 30 mins Reflex.

Total Time – 2 hours : £95

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‘ Warming Well-being ‘

Therapeutic heat is slowly released into the muscle for a truly relaxing & warming experience.

pamper package

This is achieved through the use of Hot Stones to massage the body and warm up the muscle tissue. The heat used works to expand blood vessels, which push blood and waste through the nervous system  producing a sedative effect.

With the addition of Reiki this treatment reaches greater levels of well-being as we focus on balancing the bodies energy systems. 

You may feel sensations such as heat or tingling under the practitioners’ hands as the energy flows. This combination creates the perfect environment to calm the senses, relax muscle tension and can promote a meditative state.

Package includes: 1 hour hot stone massage + 30 mins Reiki

Total time – 90 mins: £80

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‘ True Bliss Relaxation Signature Treatment ‘

Truly indulge yourself with this ultimate relaxation treatment. Here we combine the most sought after treatments creating a sense of stillness and inner calm. 

pamper package imageLeave your body smiling  after our incredibly relaxing 90 min full body massage.

This treatment moves at a slower pace and includes smooth flowing movements inducing a blissful state.

To top it off we then incorporate Indian head massage & facial massage to release any tension that may be held in the scalp, head or jaw.

Then the gentle energy of Reiki is used for an even deeper sense of calm & relaxation. It has been said that Reiki can physiologically create the equivalent of 3 to 4 hours’ deep sleep.

Package includes90 min Full Body Massage + 30 min Reiki + 15 min Indian Head Massage.

Total Time – 2 hours 15 mins : £100

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