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Reiki Massage

reiki massage buttonReceive any style of massage offered with the added benefit of Reiki healing energy flowing simultaneously. Combined with massage the effects can be more deeply felt. Reiki energy flows simultaneously throughout the treatment. Approx 10-15 minutes will be spent at the end of the massage focusing on the Reiki healing solely. Read more here…

Swedish Massage

swedish massage button 1If you don’t have massage very often, Swedish  ‘classic’ massage is perfect for you. The most common and best-known type of massage in the West. A variety of massage techniques will be used that warm up and work the muscle tissue, releasing tension and breaking up muscle “knots” or adhered tissues, called adhesions. Read more here…

Full Body Massage

full body massage buttonA wonderfully relaxing massage that treats the back, legs, arms, hands & neck. Helps to increase blood and lymphatic flow and relieves muscle tension. Dissolve away your stress and anxiety, leaving a warm glow of contentment, relaxation and general well-being. Read more here…

Back Massage

back massage buttonPerfect for high levels of stress. The most common area that muscles hold tension. It is a great relaxation therapy and can help to ease tension, anxiety and stress symptoms that are present at the time. Read more here…

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

deep tissue massage buttonIf you are looking for a massage that works deep into the muscles, this is for you! This massage is for non-pathological tissue (i.e.: non-injured) only. Sports massage techniques work deeply into muscles and soft tissues, helping to keep these structures supple and enabling the body to function at its best. Read more here


Reflexology buttonReflexology is a complementary therapy of applying gentle pressure to reflex areas on the feet to bring about a state of deep relaxation and to help stimulate & activate the body’s own healing processes. This is a non-invasive technique and a way to locate specific areas on the feet which relate directly to parts of your body & organs. Read more here…

Reiki Healing

reiki buttonThis healing is safe, gentle & can be very powerful. It will help your body self heal and also works on every level to balance body, mind & spirit.  People often describe their healing session as being wonderfully relaxing and that they can feel a lovely warmth. Reiki works in conjunction with the meridian energy lines and chakras. Read more here…

Relaxation Massage

relaxation massage buttonThis is a gentle Swedish massage that uses smooth, gliding strokes. The primary purpose will be to help you relax. This massage moves at a slower pace and use light pressure with little emphasis on releasing muscular tension. Read more here…

Don’t just take our word for it…

My Swedish Massage was sooo relaxing. I had the best massage I’ve ever had, and your treatment room is lovely! Thank you.


I was amazed to feel so completely relaxed after my Reflexology session. After just having my feet worked on I feel as though I have had a full body massage!


After 1 session with Gabriella I was pain free for an entire week and the muscles are now starting to relax and ease in my problem areas. Fantastic!


I’ve been having various styles of massage for the past 20 years and that was without a doubt the BEST massage I’ve ever had!


A great help to me with her guidance in times of confusion. Natalie has been a great help to me with her guidance in times of confusion. I have I found her to be not only accurate but also honest, caring and wise.


I went to see Gabriella for Reiki after experiencing a week of major stress. I could feel the heat from her hands and felt very calm and sleepy. I left in a dreamy state and fell asleep as soon as I got home. It was the first deep sleep I’d had all week


Natalie is a truly gifted, intuitive and sensitive healer and natural psychic.It was just an amazing reading and I left feeling both excited and comforted. I would have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her for a reading (or for that matter a healing). There is no way you would be disappointed


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